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Dated Released : 29 July 2011
Quality : BRRip 720p.x264-BiRDHOUSE
Info :
IMDB Rating : 3.9 (271 users)
Star : Anjelica Huston, Parminder Nagra, Richard E. Grant
Genre : Adventure | Comedy | Family

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[BRRip 720p.x264-BiRDHOUSE|575MB-mkv]|mediafire
Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 - part4
[BRRip 720p.x264-BiRDHOUSE|575MB-mkv]|wup
Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 
[BRRip 720p.x264-BiRDHOUSE|575MB-mkv]|eu
Download Files: part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 
[BRRip 720p.x264-BiRDHOUSE|575MB-mkv]|mu single
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When Henry fails yet again to hand in his homework for the umpteenth time, he has no idea that this will set off a chain of events which will see him forming an unlikely alliance with Moody Margaret, the infuriating girl next door, and his irritating little brother Perfect Peter, outwitting corrupt School Inspectors and toppling an evil Headmaster, winning a talent contest and facing his ultimate nemesis with no way out - all because he is trying to save the very school which he has always professed to hate!

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