Friday, December 9, 2011


Dated Released : 30 December 2011
Quality : DVDSCR XViD-P2P
Info :
IMDB Rating : 6.4 (121 users)
Star : Colin A. Campbell, Ameko Eks Mass C, Rachel C
Genre : Drama

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[DVDSCR XViD-P2P|400MB-mkv]|mf
Download Files: part1 - part2
[DVDSCR XViD-P2P|400MB-mkv]|wup
Download Files: part1 - part2
[DVDSCR XViD-P2P|400MB-mkv]|eu single
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During the first snow of the year 3 year-old Nate Denton wanders away from his father's truck and disappears. The fevered search for him ends with the devastating discover of his tiny, frozen body. Nate's death throws the small foothills community of Angel's Crest into disarray. The inhabitants confront what Nate's death means to them and in the face of that struggle they deal with their own concepts of right and wrong.

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